lunes, mayo 26, 2008

Feel that all of us are the same, instead say so.

Feel that all of us are the same, instead say so.

Go to the street and think that this sun that is warning you up is the same sun that is warning everybody, and if it does not discriminates anyone, why do you do it sometimes.

I don’t like to write in English so much, but for be coherent to what I am going to write on this post, I have to do it, and continue doing so long.

How I always say, my experience here in Brazil is amazing, I am learning all the time about different things, and what is most important from totally different people.

My friends here are from the whole world, Lithuania, Brazil, Peru, India, Kenya, Canada, France, Colombia, Spain, and the others I can remember in this moment, When I was in Colombia I said the typical sentence everybody should be treat as the same, But is different to say it that to really feel it.

We eat together, we joke together, we laugh together, we share our culture together, and what is most important we discover that all of us have feelings; we all are insecure about something, we all are proud about something.

Is really good walking on the street with people of the world, talking about what different are our cultures, at the same time smiling and looking ahead to the future, inviting people to stay in our natal houses.

Is amazing have the possibility to say and write I received and gave a hug from at least one person of each continent.

I would like to find the correct word to explain all of you how this feeling is… but I can is something you have to live by you own.

Travel, meet people, go to the street and talk to the strangers, give a strong hug to the persons you met, treat people like if you know them since ever.

We all are sons of God, whatever the name of the Gods is, and how many of them you have :)

Thanks to the persons to took a time to read all this.

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