viernes, febrero 27, 2009

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jueves, enero 29, 2009

Makes YOU Stronger....

What does not kills you makes YOU STRONGER

The fucking BIGs not in my life….

1) When I was a child I don’t get the fucking big Lego that I wanted in Christmas.

2) I have to change to another school, because I fought with all my classmates.

3) My parent’s couldn´t give me a high school exchange to other part of the world.

4) When the time came, I chose the most difficult career that I imagine, just to find out if I was smart enough, and fuck!! it was difficult.

5) I always lost in the games

6) Program a Microchip is not easy

7) I learned in the bad way not to play with the microwave and hot water

8) I didn’t choose what to like, I just accepted…

9) I don’t get elected as LCP of my LC

10) I so complex to generates projects for a whole country just by my self

11) I don’t get elected MCVP Projects in Colombia

12) I have not been, or get elected as faci in an international congress

13) I am broke

14) I could continue this list for ever…

But You Know What?????????

I don’t care

What does not kills me, makes ME STRONGER

My Parents arrange their self to pay me a really expensive university education, my second High school was MUCH better that the first One; from there I get the tree most amazing friends in the world.

I have lived in tree deferent’s countries for more than 6 months; I have met amazing people there.

I speak badly Spanish, English and Portuguese; I can write a project proposal on the tree without getting to much worry.

Almost all my applications have fail, but I learned a litter bit about design, I have got stronger my analysis skills, I am really good working against time.

I am an Engineer with all that implies and easily learn about Management, I will get and amazing scholarship for a master about it. I consider myself very smart, but not very clever, however I know my capacity to learn and adjust rapidly.

I don’t get the results that I planed, people that I thought were my friends show me they are not, I know I will not have money for a few more time, and I have invested so much time, energy and passion in so many things that just not comes right, The cool thing about this is, I realized I don’t need to much money to be happy, You always can find amazing people to be your friends, what I have learn no one take it from me.

Someone tall me, Life is like a football field and is raining is bogged. YOU are alone in the middle; maybe you broke one foot, or both; maybe you don’t have an arm; maybe there is swamp in your eyes, but you know what? YOUR GOAL IS GET TO THE OTHER SIDE, so cry, crawl, ask for God Help you, But you have to get there, and in the end remember

What does not kills you make YOU STRONGER?

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